Advantages And Disadvantages Of Documentary Films

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In documentaries, most often the action leads the way. People don't have scripted words to say or scenes to enact. In case of the documentary films, handheld cameras might be the only way to follow the story. Even the director dosn't always know what follows the upcoming events. Documentary film makers quite intentionally add discovery and surprise to the film as a big essential part of their job. There are a few more events or points to be considered incase of the documentaries.
• Intentions of the film maker : Enthusiasm and commitment , the film maker wants to explore , to probe and to show the audience something important or otherwise overlooked. the event is devoted to cause or to people and trying to make a difference.
• Subject-Matter
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Enlightening the entire summary of the content , many things that people usually remain confused about may have found a clear concept on the base of the film making. A feature film is a standard time consuming film, It is a full length film that has a story , a plot, a concept and is acted by professional actors and which is usually shown in a cinema. the film makers and directors creates a fiction through this feature film which in order to create an escape for the audience who came along to watch these feature films. the feature films creates a window that allows the audience to experience places they have never seen and get into the skin of these people they never knew and to have a different perspective and vision to view the world.The feature films promotes an all new meaning to the daily mundane lives of several audiences in the light of entertainment. A feature film has been categorised into several gestures. The main genres of the feature films are namely action films , adventure films, comedy films, crime and gangster films, drama films, epics on historical films, horror films, dance films, science films, war and anti war films, western films. These genres can further be categorised into sub genres namely Biographical films or biopic, chick flicks, detectives and mystry films, disaster films, fantasy films, film noir, melodramas or weapons films, road films, romantic films, sports films, supernatural films thrillers and many more. These basically elaborates the concept of feature films and the genres by which the feature films are categorized. Freature films not only creates an escape for the audience but it is about promotes an environment for them taking them away from their daily lives . The sole motive of this feature film is to entertain the audience and create a break by giving what is needed to letgo of their

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