Should Kids Be Allowed To Play Games Essay

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In America many kids play violent role playing games like cops and robbers and don 't think anything of it. But recently in the news there has been a debate if kids should be allowed to play these so called games. Many people think that kids should be allowed to play theses games because they are just games and all in fun. However, many people including myself think that kids should not play violent role playing games because kids get the idea that life is just a game and killing someone is also. In the story High jinks Shoot-out we meet teens readying up for the annuel water gun Shootout where kids go around and dispatch there enemies so that they can win the $300 in the winners pot.However in order to achieve the victory kids must do very dangerous and stupid things.For example we learn that a kid went to an airport to kill a target.“In 2007, Jake Protell, a freshman, distinguished himself by ferreting out the itinerary of a field trip that two targets were taking to Tel Aviv. Protell took a car to Newark Airport, found the victims before they passed through security, and dispatched them using two bathtub ‘squirt fish(Martin1).This example shows why kids shouldn 't be allowed to play violent role playing games because they can take it to a whole new level like going to a airport to dispatch a victim this…show more content…
Many people think that these games will not have a major impact in a student or teens life that teens will be more prepared to face the real world an all its dangerous. But I say that yes these games might teach kids that the real world isn 't always that safe but I believe that these games show kids to be violent and reckless. To conclude this is why many parents and government officials believe that kids should not be allowed to play violent role playing games.By not letting kids play these games we can prevent more horrible and tragic shooting involving
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