The Importance Of Viscosity In Chemical Processes

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1. Briefly discuss the importance of viscosity in chemical processes. Viscosity is the measure of internal friction of a fluid. When a layer of fluid is made to move in relation to another layer, this friction becomes apparent. The greater of friction which increase the force required for the movement, which known as shear. Shearing occurs when the fluid is physically moved or distributed such as pouring, spreading, spraying, mixing and so on. More force is needed to move higher viscous fluids [1]. Furthermore, the behaviour of pipe flow is mainly affected by viscosity and gravity relative to the inertial force flow. This is because the effect of viscosity relative to inertia which can represented by Reynolds number, the flow of fluid may be either laminar or turbulent. Heat transfer of heat exchanger will also be affected by viscosity as the…show more content…
Highly viscous fluid is thicker due to higher concentration gradient and molecules move more slowly around each other. This leads to reduce of diffusion rate [4]. Gathering the viscosity data on a material gives manufactures the ability to predict how material will behave. It also helps in how the transportation processes are designed [5]. The printing ink industry is one of the best examples to illustrate the need for viscosity measurement. Smearing may result during printing when the ink is too thick, there can be serious fading of the printed image when the ink is too thin. There was a time when pressmen could tell by rubbing an ink between their fingers as to how well it would perform “on press”. This rubbing action was, in essence, a viscosity test, the objective being to tell how much resistance was felt between thumb and forefinger [6]. 2. What is the equipment that can be used to measure viscosity? If the equipment is not available, how can you measure viscosity? The equipment that can be used to measure viscosity are: a) Capillary

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