Importance Of Visual Art

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The potential of visual art globally is to express conceptual idea into visible and functional form. To this end, many people are unaware of the submerging role the visual arts plays in our lives today, hence the need to create visual awareness and help people appreciate the enormous responsibility of the visual artist. Therefore, this paper aim at creating better awareness and acceptability in an aspect involving both the fine and applied arts using available materials in the form of paints , clay, ink, dye, wood, metal, fabric or yarn (cotton) among others. Efforts were made to visually analyze the vital role visual art plays using the above materials to present statements and function in the visual world. Findings also show that apart from the aesthetic values, the selected visual works in this study tends to transform the world by addressing some heals in the society. Conclusively, the role of the visual artist entails the adoption and transformation of the available materials into visible form; it is used also in communication as well as in creating wealth and functional media that most often serve aesthetics, socio-cultural and symbolic purposes.

In the present day society, with allusion to the area of creating visual arts, many people tend to be ignorant of the immerse role visual arts play in their lives. Hence the need to create visual arts awareness that will help the society to appreciate the enormous responsibility of the visual
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