Importance Of Visualization In Gymnastics

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Introduction: Gymnastic can be a scary sport and that is why in order to be successful, athlets have to be able to deal with isuses such as outside distraction, fear and anxiety, in an effective way. Those are pretty much everyday issues for a gymnast and controling them is a important task especially since there is a potential risk in overcoming the athlete`s levels of self-confidence, motivation and performance. The gymnastic coach task is not only to provide the gymnasts with the physical tools necessary for succes ,but also the mental tools that helps the athletes to handle both the cognitive and emotional challenges characteristic in competitive gymnastics. Mental imagery is one such tool which, if used properly, can positively affect skill development, arousal, motivation, and confidence (Gliksky, et al., 1996; Jones, et al., 2002; Nicholls, et al., 2005). The theme of the essay is “Visualization in artistic gymnastics”, focusing on the importance of mental practice in helping the gymnasts with improving their performance and/or overcoming fear in balance beam. On the first part I am going to talk about what is mental imagery and what are the five characteristic key of visualization process. Then I continue with talking about the three “w questions”, where- when- why do athletes image. The second part it`s about presenting a case in which the focus is set on improving performance in balance beam, using mental choreography. By incorporating visualization into training

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