Importance Of Vitamin C In Plants

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According to University of Exeter (2007), Vitamin C is essential in plants because it helps them grow. This is because plants cannot grow past a seedling without the vitamin C. The University of Exeter says “Vitamin C provides protection against the harmful side-effects of light during photosynthesis…” Vitamin C is a big part in a plant 's life because it allows the plant to become an “Adult” or mature plant, which helps produce oxygen. If plants did not use Vitamin C to grow then we would have no oxygen on Earth.
According to the University of California (2005), Vitamin C can also improve the process of photosynthesis or make it more efficient. Which is the process in which plants turn sunlight into food for them. Also, Vitamin C in plants such as a fruit plant can make it more nutritious. So, the more the fruit plant gets, the more vitamins that fruit will have. Which is better for you than no vitamins.
According to Julius Goepp (2008), Vitamin C is very important in humans. Vitamin C can prevent many things in humans. Such as, prevent asthma, protecting against heart cancer and also help support healthy blood sugar levels in diabetics. Vitamin C can improve your cardiac health. Vitamin C in humans is really important because it helps keep your heart running.
According to Kathleen M. Zelman (N/A), Vitamin C can also do good things for the human body. This includes “Prenatal Health problems, eye disease and even skin wrinkling.” Vitamin C does many good things to the body

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