Classroom Vocabulary Analysis

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Vocabulary is a necessary ingredient for communication in that sense language learners encounter vocabulary on a daily basis, and they must be able to acquire and retain it during their language learning process. To retain the vocabulary learnt it is necessary to encounter the words several times and use them in different contexts. In addition, the role of commitment on the part of the learner is fundamental to achieve a second language, for instance, the attendance of the class, the students` participation during the development of the lesson and the predisposition to learn are important factors that help to internalize the knowledge.

The following excerpt, taken from a participant’s interview, supports what is being discussed about the
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The use of didactic aids in the SLG will create practical environments that help the students to face with real contexts in which they can practice the signs learnt.

It is interesting to notice that the interviewee highlights the importance to practice the SLG in real contexts. The student argues that the most important aspect in learning SLG is practicing the vocabulary learnt, instead of learning thousand of words which they will forget for the next class; as it is not the amount of learning words that classify the student as a competent SLG speaker, if not the way the student apply the words in real life situations.

Another excerpt, taken from a SLG student, shows that the teacher teaches a lot of words during the lesson. The participant was asked to give his/her perception about the aspects that will be improved in the SLF lessons, and the question was ¿Respecto a la clase que aspectos crees que se puedan
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This can pertain to a variety of details. It can be the structure, resources, color, etc. All of these can play a role in determining whether the classroom will be conducive for learning. Each may not have a large effect individually, however together they can work to strengthen a student’s ability to learn. Following this, the classroom will be adapted with posters, images and colorful material allusive to the vocabulary that the students will learn in the SLG lessons. This kind of aids will improve the students
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