Reflection Paper On Volunteering At N. Y. Q.

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When I was volunteering at N.Y.P.Q., I was a wanderer. I volunteered on both the fifth and fourth floor at one point and they each had their ups and downs when it concerns the patients. The reason is because they are both involved with patients who are either confused on where they are or feel the need to leave because they believe that they don’t belong in the hospital when they really do. There was a time when a male patient was admitted onto the fifth floor. He has been to this hospital multiple times for every procedure he ever needed and the reason is because his father used to work in the hospital on the boards. He told the clerk on duty, Monique and I stories of his times here. He mentioned that every time she was admitted to the hospital there was a female nurse who…show more content…
I could not find him and I immediately went looking for him. I asked the nurse if she saw the patient and she said that she saw him by the elevators about 5 minutes ago. I went by there and I did not see him. I immediately went to Monique and told her that the patient left the floor. She called security and they started a search party. I ran to the stairs and went down to floor 4, pediatrics and I did not see him. I knew that if he were ever to be on this floor, he will need to ring a buzzer to enter the department and they would have called the fifth floor about a patient on another floor. I went to the third floor and that's when I saw him walking down the hallway. He was wearing a robe and slippers. I ran to him and asked him why he was here. He needs to return to the fifth floor because everyone is going frantic searching for him. Monique caught up to us and started to tell him that he can’t be doing this every time he is admitted to the hospital. He said that he wanted to visit the nurse he was talking about and me and Monique looked at each other and told him that we will get her for
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