Persuasive Essay On Volunteer Work In Schools

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Students should not be required to do volunteer work in communities in order to receive their school diploma. That is saying that the school is forcing them to do volunteer work or else they do not get their diploma. Students should have a choice to volunteer. It does help colleges be interested in them; however, it questions the student’s mind. They think, “ Why is it being forced on me to do this when I already have taken my required classes to earn those credits”. The government should tell the school that they should offer the classes and not force it on them. Although it makes the students look good when colleges look at their applications, but the schools should still offer the choice to the students. It takes away their academic time, they have a lot going on with colleges such as work, applications, deadlines, preparing for college, and causes…show more content…
They would not be having any time to relax and that would cause some more stress than usual, because teenagers in this generation need more sleep and have some peaceful time. For example, a senior has all these AP exams and final exams coming up and prepared really well for them. She had finished all of them and now her parents surprised her with a trip to relax and enjoy some fun time. But the school won’t allow it because she has no experience in volunteer work and has to do it or else they will fail high school. That cause more stress on her and have all this work on her back, piling on her and causing her to be worn out. They always deal with homework, projects, exams, finals, quizzes, and other work. Students want to rest and have some time to themselves and not always be buried with school work and other curricular activities. To summarize, if the school keeps forcing students to do volunteering work, students are going to be more stressed and have to deal with so many things and have consequences that won’t help them all and have a little time finishing
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