Essay On Right To Vote

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Right to vote in elections for public officials: this is considered as a foundation of free American society. Every American Citizens have right to vote a government leader whom he thinks can be able to lead the country. This means that in the US, everyone hold the liberty to vote the person he wants in local or national elections. For instance, voting is one of the major thing which helps the population (American Citizens) to intervene in decision making. This is because, choosing a leader means choosing someone who will be involved to take decisions. This normally considered as a right which should be universally respected. However, Americans have a special way including public election campaigns where people hear from candidates debates.…show more content…
Voting is also a democratic process. The main action is set by the government or can even be set upon citizens’ request. However, it is executed by the American citizens. According to US Citizenship and Immigration Service (n.d). “Voting ensures that our system of government is maintained and individual voices are clearly heard by elected officials.” For instance, this responsibility was set to be a guide law to citizens for them to understand the importance of voting. This is because, leaders are most of the time referred to people who are cause of different problems. Therefore, since they are the ones who can elect a good leader, then should understand the importance of their involvement. In addition to this responsibility, Americans are responsible to respect and obey federal, state, and local laws (US Citizenship and Immigration Service, n.d). This is a complement to the first responsibility. For instance, the laws set are most of the times set by the leaders. Therefore, people should respect what their leaders who are their representatives have set. Respecting laws should be their
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