Benefits Of Vulnerability Assessment And Penetration Testing

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1. Introduction Vulnerabilities are the way through an attacker can gain access through exploiting the threat. In other words, a Network or system compromise may occur through a security flaw found in a system. Vulnerability Assessment (VA) and Penetration Testing (PT) are two different ways to analysis flaws, comes with different results. Vulnerability assessment is a process of searching for security flaws in a system for applying a fix or patch to prevent system is the process of ranking or prioritizing, quantifying and identifying the vulnerabilities in a system. Whereas Penetration tests or security testing is used for testing a network, web application or computer system to find vulnerabilities that an attacker can exploit…show more content…
Benefits of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing provides organizations with a more extensive system analysis than any single test can perform alone. Using the VAPT offers a company a more comprehensive view of the threats, flaws facing its system, enabling the company to better protect its data and systems from malicious attacks. Most companies are spending a lot of money trying to find ways to safeguard them on the internet. Vulnerability Assessment is one of the techniques that many organizations overlook when developing and establishing their security design. Vulnerability Assessment can be a very beneficial for organization. It could lead to identifying vulnerability exposure before attackers may attack, and helps in the highlight security strength of the…show more content…
» System inappropriately placed in infrastructure/environment 5. Best Practices to Counteract Security Issues. Along with vulnerability assessment, Policies and procedures should be developed and implemented, organizations strictly follow the rule of behavior outlining in the guidelines. Without guidelines and polices in place there will be no way to make sure that the process will be administered systematically or perhaps that the process will be administered out at all. As with any job, having the proper tools and technique it is important in getting complete and accurate results. When performing a Vulnerability Assessment it is necessary, and extremely helpful to use the similar kind of tools as the potential attackers may use. Using this way it will be possible to follow the same techniques and methodologies that will be deployed when company’s systems, network are being attacked. By executing uniform procedures, making a solid policy, and using the proper techniques and tools, than there will be no end to the potential reward that a good Vulnerability Assessment process will lead to any company. Some Best Practices organizations should work

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