Importance Of Waste Management

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Environmental problems are one of the most the concerned issues that people nowadays need to help take charge of since its gradually poses an accumulative threat and hazard to everyone 's. People at the present have the increasing quality of life; thus, they have more purchasing power for more and more new products. However, what follows is the increasing amount of garbage and waste as well. Both solid and hazardous waste are increasing, along with the expansion of city. All types of waste including leachate are being piled up at land filled and discharged into rivers that are very detrimental to people, creatures, and environment as a whole. This is because it leads to breeding places of disease, the source of many diseases, deteriorating environmental. Thus, in this context, there must be some activities and actions required to manage waste from its inception to its final disposal.
Waste management in the country has been studied before, and researchers have found to planning, to cooperating and to recycling can help waste management. Firstly, Chiemchaisri and Visvanathan (2008) studied solid waste management. They found total functional elements of them. Mu-nicipal solid waste(MSW)system have been done in country, particularly in wastes and transports, through necessary policy reforms in country. Thus, Thailand endeavor to carry on the waste needs to be continually expanded for a fitting solid waste disposal strategy. Secondly, Pumpinyo and Nitivattananon (2014) studied
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