Importance Of Water Conservation In Hospitality

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This work represents the summary of a recently completed dissertation by author keeping in view the following objectives:-
1. Source and demand of waste and water generation in hospitality hotels.
2. To study and analyze the potential of water conservation.
3. To study and analyze the potential,recycle and recycle and reuse of water.
4. To study and analyze the potential of Water Harvesting.
To answer the research question and to explain the objectives above,the following methodologies are adopted.
In order to view the water efficiency in different hotels were studied.Main aim was to study hotels in Gurgaon, where the site exists.It was not only the survey of hotels building to understand the use of water through the past but also
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Source and demand of waste and water generation in hospitality hotel buildings
3. Sustainable water solutions for hotels
4. Waste water recycle
5. Water Harvesting
Finally on the basis of these elements conclusions are made so that the water in the future can be saved for our next generation .
Water efficiency control in hospitality hotel:-Water efficiency is a Holistic approach towards sustainable development in hospitality hotels
The sustainable is based on reusing the natural resources unlike the present approach which include consumption of natural resources like energy,air,forest,land,soil which results in production of waste.
Water efficiency is the minimum amount of water used in a function,task or process.Water efficiency in the hotels is the most serious matter which can save money and the prestige of a hotel and help it making it successful over the years.

Need of this study is proper management of surface and subsurface sources which include water conservation, reducing water consumption,water efficient landscape,rain water harvesting,waste water recycling and sustainable drainage system along with awareness in architects and public relating the matter.

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Various water efficient solutions in detail are explained below:-

1.1-Water Smart landscape:-
Xeriscape or Water Smart Landscape is landscaped areas in building that can reduce the use of water.
Various areas in a site are divided into 3 zonesdepending upon the water requirementof plants preventing over watering. By reducing land area we can reduce the water. Lawn areas should be replaced with porous paving ,pebbles or drought tolerant ground covers.
1.2-Ecological Goals(Reduce heat Island Effect and Aid Storm water Management)
To reduce heat island effect permeable paving , infiltration bed and Bio filtration beds are used. Tree pits and tree grades, planting strip with biowales,suggested Sustainable ”Green”Materials like recycled Asphalt,Concrete with Cement and Aggregate Substitutes,High albedo materials.Edge Courses and Accent Material can also reduce heat Island effect.
1.2.1-Sustained drainage Systems (SUDS):-
SUDS controls storm water run off and are easiest to retrofit in grounds of larger hotels.
1.2.2-Grey water recycling(Main issue for hotel

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