Importance Of Water In Hotel

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INTRODUCTION Water is a transparent and nearly colorless chemical substance that is the main constituent of Earth 's streams, lakes, and oceans, and the fluids of most living organisms. Water plays an important role in the world economy. Approximately 70% of the freshwater used by humans goes to agriculture. Fishing in salt and fresh water bodies is a major source of food for many parts of the world. Much of long-distance trade of commodities (such as oil and natural gas) and manufactured products is transported by boats through seas, rivers, lakes, and canals. Large quantities of water, ice, and steam are used for cooling and heating, in industry and homes. Water is an excellent solvent for a wide variety of chemical substances; as such it is widely used in industrial processes, and in cooking and washing. Water is also central to many sports and other forms of entertainment, such as swimming, pleasure boating, boat racing, surfing, sport fishing, and diving.
Hotels is one of the major users of water and part of the management duty is to maintain water’s cleanliness and safety, for attaining this hotels use water filtration system to filtrate and purify the water that came from the water sources which they will become safe to the guests. According to MetroWaterFilter Hotels and restaurants need clean and safe water to provide to the guests. Hotels also should meet the demands of the guests for who need water for shower and make coffee and complete grooming tasks in their

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