Importance Of Water In The New Testament

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3. Water in the New Testament

The first mention of water in the New Testament is found in the Gospel according to John. In chapter 3 Jesus has a conversation with Nicodemus and he says: “very truly, I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God without being born of water and spirit”. This is something new for Nicodemus, even though he is a teacher of the Law. How can a man be born again? is his next question. Nicodemus is not able to see beyond natural birth. The water that Jesus speaks of is different from the natural water of birth. The water he speaks of points to something beyond a human understanding, it requires faith. Ratzinger says
Baptism, the gateway into communion with Christ, being interpreted for us here as rebirth. The rebirth [which is] by analogy with the natural birth from the begetting of the man and the conception of the woman [by which it] involves a double principle: God’s spirit and “water, the ‘universal mother’ of natural life [in] which grace raises up in the sacrament to be a sister image of the virginal Theotokos.

Rebirth needs the creative power of God, as well as the sacramental of the maternal womb of the Church which has the capacity to receive and welcome the people of God and give birth into eternal life. Water in the New Testament is clearly connected to the gift of eternal life.
The Gospel according to John 4:14 speaks about the water that the one who drinks from will never thirst again. This clearly shows that this is not a natural

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