Importance Of Water Purification Essay

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For this research task I have chosen compare various methods of water purification in a household as researching the health and environmental factors. I will look at the following sources of water: Oasis purified water, bottled water and the municipal tap water (Municipal- muzunduzi). I will be looking at the effect of each source on the natural environment.
My reason for doing this as my research task is that I personally think that purified water is generally healthier for you due to all the chemicals that is found in the municipal water.
In my house we only drink water bought from Oasis so I thought this would be a very interesting project to research due to its closeness to the home.
The reason I have chosen to do three different types of waters is because all three are purified or packaged in a different way and is the main source of drinking water for most people.
Many people are now turning to home water purification systems and to buying water that has been already purified as our water health is constantly on a downhill spiral as there are more and more water borne diseases and the more chemicals we put into our water to fight this problem the more chemicals we put in to the environment and our bodies.
Municipal water: municipal water is cleaned with lime and chemicals and is the water that any house hold that is on the water grid system is connected too.
Oasis water: using ground water found in small oasis 's found in and around kwazulu natal

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