Importance Of Water Quality

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Importance of Water quality, supply and availability to broilers

Water is the most important nutrient for the overall health and performance of commercial broilers. In addition to being a nutrient, water also softens food and carries it through the body, aids in digestion and absorption, and cools the body as it evaporates through the bird’s lungs and air sacs. Water helps remove waste, lubricates joints, is a major component of blood, and a necessary medium for many chemical reactions that help to form meat and eggs. Although water is regarded as the most essential nutrient, it is impossible to state its exact requirement. Under normal conditions, chickens will consume, by weight, approximately twice as much water as food. During periods of extreme heat stress, water requirements may easily quadruple. On average during its lifetime, a 2.2 Kg broiler will consume about 8.2 liters of water, compared to approximately 4 kg of feed.

Factors affecting water intake
Broiler water intake is directly related to a variety of factors, including water quality and diet composition. However, the most important factor affecting broiler water intake is environmental temperature. Water evaporation through the respiratory system (panting) is one of the main ways birds regulate body temperature during heat stress conditions. Broilers increase water consumption approximately 5-7 percent for each degree increase in temperature after 24°C.

It has a big impact on water consumption in

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