Importance Of Ways Of Knowing

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Ways of knowing is a very important aspect in one’s life which help them to acquire basic information and understanding about things around them, which help them to develop those into knowledge. Every individual has different skills to acquire and accumulate knowledge around them, so they can utilize that knowledge in order to understand and recognize the physical world, which will be further justified explicitly in this essay. In this essay, I will be using two areas of knowing, to show greater understanding of how one individual peruses an area of knowledge. People just assume that all the knowledge is gained by the such called network of ways of knowing, but from my perspective individual and network of ways of knowing are not the determining factor of gaining knowledge, but how people apply the ways of knowing appropriately to the application of an area of knowledge is far more important and critical in order to gain knowledge.
The first way of knowing I will be emphasising on today, will be sense perception and how we use it in order to gain knowledge. So I have made a question about sense perception, which will help me further emphasis on it “Till what extent does an individuals sense perception and other networks of way of knowing associated to it impact his/her knowledge?”. First of all I would like to give a precise definition about sense perception, it an individuals primary skill and way to interact with the physical world, through his/her senses, for example
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