Importance Of Wealth In The Great Gatsby

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In the Novel of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Daisy is one of the main characters, but one of the main themes of this novel is wealth. Daisy was brought up with a wealthy family, so of course that would throughout the years into her adulthood would become important to her. It was clear her love for wealth like with all things soon became rotten, and would begin to corrupt her life. This infatuation caused her to start making bad decisions. For instance she wouldn 't marry the man she loved because he was poor, she practically forced herself to marry a man because of his fortune, she then became unfaithful to her husband because her past lover now had a great amount of wealth. Daisy 's desire for wealth lead her to plague her relationships, and the poor decisions she made were all caused to feed her greed.
Daisy’s appetite for wealth came from her surroundings when growing up. She had all she ever needed and more, because of this, it carried out into her adulthood. And rather than a luxury it became a necessity. In the novel Daisy says "They 're such beautiful shirts," she sobbed, her voice muffled in the thick folds. "It makes me sad because I 've never seen such—such beautiful shirts before." (Fitzgerald 92) This explains how Daisy reacted to seeing Gatsby 's fancy shirts. Her reaction was very overdramatic and shows how much expensive things mean to her. Also found in the novel is “Her voice is full of money," he said suddenly” (Fitzgerald 99) Gatsby said this
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