Importance Of Western Culture In English Language

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Khadija Lachqnide

Is teaching Western cultures in English Language Teaching useful or harmful to English learners?

English language teaching has been always viewed, at the international level, as linked to the teaching of either British or American culture. In many countries throughout the world, English learning is regarded as inseparable from learning these cultures. However, this has created an intense debate among speakers of other languages including teachers. On the one hand, some people think that studying cultures of the English-speaking countries like Britain enriches the students? knowledge of the language. On the other hand, it is believed that incorporating Western cultural content in English teaching does harm learners? native cultures, but it is the teacher?s job to show their students how to cope and better respond to these cultures.
Studying western cultures is believed to enrich the learners? knowledge of the language in many ways. One way is that it boosts the learners? English communicative skills. Learning about British or American culture, for example, helps widen the learners? understanding of English, which increases their chances to better communicate in the target language in their daily lives especially with native speakers. In other words, leraning about these cultures fuels he learners? English communicative skills.
Widening the ELT students? vocabulary is another way in which this enrichment is manifested. Learners who
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