Importance Of Wild Life Conservation Essay

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Community Participation: An Effective way for Wild-life Conservation in National Parks and Wild-life Sanctuaries in India

Kapildeo Indurkar R. A. Podar College of Commerce & Economics, Matunga, Mumbai

Wild-life protection and conservation is very much required as many species are on the verge of extinction due to increased human activities. The legal provisions and the institutional framework are already there for the sake but it also requires public involvement. In recent times, community participation in this process is could be very effective in long run. Some research studies have also revealed that the participation of the local people have proved better in terms of wild-life conservation and management in some protected areas like National Parks and Wild-life Sanctuaries. Local communities are already getting benefits from the activities like wild-life tourism, we need to enhance their share. Strategies for involving local community are required in such a way that the local people are reaping the benefits of conservation in sustainable manner. Improving local people’s mindset and attitude towards wild-life conservation is a key to success.
Key Words: community participation, wild-life conservation, protected areas, wild-life tourism, benefits to local people.

A uniform Legislation on wild-life
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Currently wildlife conservation policy does not see wildlife tourism in PAs as a source of revenue for local communities. Research studies reveal that more local people are positive about wildlife tourism and can support the activity if they get proper returns. They believe that a well conserved PA can attract more tourists and get more revenue. Hence in some cases it is found that people take active participation in tourism related activities and conservation of the area when they see direct economic

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