Importance Of Wild Life

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WILDLIFE: Wildlife refers to a group of plants, animals and other organisms living in an area without human interference. It is one of the most important things in the world without which there will be no possibility of sustaining life on earth. On Earth the count of wildlife is decreasing day by day which should be prevented. Thus, in ‘MITRIKI’ this will not happen and the preservation of wild life will be done. As wild life is important in many ways such as:  For food  For clothing  For medicines  For sustaining life So, considering its importance, we plan to implement following ideas for preservation of wildlife:  The wild life will be habituated without any human interference.  The construction of buildings or industries will not be assigned in that particular area.  Deforestation would be banned and afforestation would be encouraged.  There would be an advanced group of robots called the …..for controlling the people who misbehave with the wild life. WILD ANIMALS: Animals which are untamed and have no human interferences are called as wild animals. Basically they are those animals which live on their own food, shelter and other needs. Wild animals are the indicators of change in eco system and they help the plants for nutrition. When they die they are decomposed by the micro-organisms surrounding the environment and thus the helpful nutrients goes inside the soil, helping the plants. In our world today the wild animals are on short numbers although they are
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