Importance Of Willpower: The Key To Success

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Willpower: The key to success Everyone has dreams that they would like to see come true. Unfortunately, some of us never see these dreams come to fruition. A common aspiration is to become successful students at college. Students grow up wanting to become educated, but as they grow older they find that there are many obstacles that they must overcome to see that dream become a reality. Students find that they have a lack of funding for school, difficult home life, or the lack of drive to finish their studies. As a result, these students end up quitting school, never being able to achieve their longtime dreams. However, according to APA’s (American psychology association) survey in 2011, they found out that the common reason behind failing and quitting college is the lack of willpower. Students find that they have the inability to focus or jump through the hurdles that they encounter in college. A lack of willpower does not stem from a student deciding that school is too difficult. Lack of willpower can be a direct result of underlying daily problems. These problems contribute to a student losing their will to finish school. Home life, motivation to change, and setting a clear goal are the three most common factors that lead to a student losing their willpower and then, subsequently, dropping out of school. Children’s…show more content…
Of course there are other factors affecting student’s life, but if students make their will stronger, it will help them from being distracted and if once a good habit becomes routine, you no longer need to draw as much on your willpower to maintain it. Having a willpower means having ability to stay on course, to remain focused on your goal, to stand up to the problem and obstacles with conviction. Students with willpower and motivation can achieve the impossible, realize the most difficult dreams and achieve most incredible success in college and in real
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