Importance Of Wilsonianism

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Paper #1: “What is Wilsonianism?” Wilsonianism or else liberal internationalism has emerged to become a school of thought in International Relations. It advocates the importance of global cooperation within the international system towards the promotion of a liberal world order; conditions such as worldwide free trade along with the liberalization of the world’s economies and the advancement of liberal political systems. In addition, supporters of liberal internationalism are dedicated towards encouraging liberal democracy to emerge globally. The farther of this notion is Woodrow Wilson, who was the first to pursue such ideas in an international level. “Wilson was the first world leader to respect the power of nationalism and try to channel its great strength in the direction of democracy and international cooperation, beginning in Central America and Eastern Europe but incorporating the rest of the world thereafter.” Woodrow Wilson became President of the United States as a Democrat in 1912. He narrowly got re-elected to serve his second term in 1916, a period of great importance since WWI had already emerged and preoccupied Wilson’s foreign policy. This is when the Wilsonian tradition begun developing in a more substantial form; In the late stages of WWI Wilson…show more content…
While he was against European Imperialism, which he thought was the basis of warfare, he did not refrain from attacking Latin American countries such as Mexico and the Dominican Republic, in an effort to abolish the militaristic dictatorships already established and install popular governments prevailing under the rule of law. This view is shared by John Milton Cooper, a leading authority on Wilson, who justifies Wilson’s use of force in Latin America as a lesson learned that democracy cannot be advanced through the use of

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