Wilsonianism Survive In The 21st Century

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Paper #1: “What is Wilsonianism?” Wilsonianism or else liberal internationalism has emerged to become a school of thought in International Relations. It advocates the importance of global cooperation within the international system towards the promotion of a liberal world order; conditions such as worldwide free trade along with the liberalization of the world’s economies and the advancement of liberal political systems. In addition, supporters of liberal internationalism are dedicated towards encouraging liberal democracy to emerge globally. The farther of this notion is Woodrow Wilson, who was the first to pursue such ideas in an international level. “Wilson was the first world leader to respect the power of nationalism and try to channel…show more content…
According to John Ikenberry’s article “Will Wilsonianism Survive in the 21st century?” Wilson believed in the foundation of a peaceful order, built upon a community of democratic states with accountable governments, which operate under the rule of law (a constitution) . Secondly, Wilson was an eminent proponent of free trade and “socioeconomic exchange”. These two ideas would in turn provide for a modernizing and civilizing influence on states through world interdependence, which will eventually reduce the legitimacy of dictators and substantially decrease the probability of warfare through an antagonizing global arms race. Thirdly, it was strongly believed that International law and International bodies of cooperation would promote peace and strengthen the fabric of the international community. Such bodies would be international institutions embracing multilateralism such as the United Nations, the IMF, the Security Council and the World Bank. International Law was understood by Wilson as something that could not be forced into effect immediately. Instead it was seen as “an abstract body of principles founded upon long established customs”, which emerged as the result of “organic development.” Such bodies would promote cooperation among…show more content…
“a new order of things.” Finally, the sixth idea held the US with special responsibilities to lead, direct and inspire the world due to its founding ideas, geopolitical position, and enlightened leadership. This is succinctly described by a single phrase in Anna Maries Slaughters’ article “Wilsonianism in the 21st century”, where liberal internationalism is defined as “… an America committed to working with other nations to built on international order that preserves peace and prosperity through institutions and

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