Importance Of Winter Sports

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I am originally from upstate New York so winter sports are very easy to train in. It snows a lot in the winter so being able to be in the snow most of winter has an advantage. I started training for snowboarding competitions at eight years old. At first, I was not good at all but I wanted to be the best so I had to train very hard. We started to train for one hour a day but as I was getting better, we moved to two hour trainings and time increased from there. By ten years old I was at a higher level than 95% of other ten year olds. I wanted to be a professional snowboarder as I got older, so my dedication to the sport increased drastically. Unfortunately when I was twelve years old, my parents decided that we had to move to Waxhaw, North Carolina. I was very upset because I knew that in this…show more content…
This made me want to be even more dedicated to the sport. After school, I would go to whatever slope was closest and do homework in the car, or as soon as I got home. This sometimes got in the way with my school work but I always finished everything and ended the school year with good grades. About one week after school ends, my parents saw something in the news about the winter Olympics tryouts. They showed this to me and I instantly got so excited. I could be in the Olympics. The tryouts started in November, meaning that I only had a few months to train for the tryouts. These few months were the hardest months of my life. I was constantly training on the slopes, working out everyday, and eating right everyday. As the days until tryouts were approaching, I was getting very nervous. It was the day of tryouts and we had to drive to Maryland in order to get there. It was my turn to show off what I could do and I nailed everything. I did all of my tricks perfectly, I landed everything, and the jumps I did were even better than the halfpipe. I had a really good feeling after this was
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