Importance Of Wisdom Essay

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Wisdom is the application of knowledge and experience to a particular situation in order to make sound decisions. It is how we apply our knowledge (what we know) and experience (what we have been through) to what we do (action), how we think (perception) and how we evaluate (judge). Wisdom basically means application of what we have learnt. It is the doing part of learning. Wisdom therefore, comes from doing (application). Without carrying out what we have learnt, one cannot obtain wisdom. You can 't read wisdom; you can 't memorize wisdom; you can 't recite wisdom; you can 't learn wisdom; you can only obtain wisdom through application (doing) of what you have read, memorized, learnt or recited. It is only by doing that one can obtain…show more content…
What you must understand is this; wisdom is part of a sequence of events associated with developing our mental capacity and ability. It is found in the second stage of our intellectual development as humans; it seats right in the middle of two other interrelated components without which one 's mental or intellectual capacity cannot be fully explored and exploited. To understand how wisdom can be obtained, you must first understand how it relates and is dependent on two other factors that complement it. So this leads us to the three pillars of intellectual…show more content…
Wisdom resides in knowledge or information rightfully applied. Knowing a thing by learning it (knowledge) is quite different from knowing a thing by doing it (wisdom). The outcome of both actions is totally different. While it is true that you cannot have one without the other, it is equally true that they both yield two significantly different results. The doing stage is very crucial to one 's mental or intellectual development because therein lies the power to internalize and personalize what has been learnt. The doing stage allows you the opportunity to bring life into what was dormant thereby making you a creator rather than a possessor of information or knowledge. We become wiser when we apply what we have learnt because we gain deeper insight from using the dormant version of the knowledge or information acquired into something more real

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