Importance Of Women Empowerment

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1. By creating safe work places: Women can be empowered by creating safe working environment. The workplaces should be safe for the female members of the society. People will like to send their daughters and wives to work if they are assured of the safe environment at workplaces.

2. By developing job skills: Proper training should be provided to women for better results.

3. By raising voice against gender inequality: women can be empowered by decreasing the gender disparities in all sectors of society especially in education sector.

4. By creating more part time job opportunities: there should be greater number of part-time job opportunities. In India, mostly women are house wives, so they don’t get any opportunity for full time work. Hence, more part time and flexible jobs should be created so that more and more women can get engaged into commercial activities.

5. By education: By educating women economy of the country can be increased. It has been seen from the last few decades that involvement of educated women in various activities helps the country to move towards the economic as well as social development.
By getting education women can become more conscious towards the health of their family and provide better nutritional plans for their children. By getting education the women can aware of their rights and duties towards the nation also.
1. Education liberates women from the clutches of

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