How To Write A Short Speech On Women Empowerment

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It is impossible to think the welfare of world unless the condition of women is improved. It is impossible for a bird to fly with only one wing”- Swami Vivekananda
‘Women empowerment’ a term that the people of this generation have been accustomed to listening. If one is asked about women empowerment, the answer is always the same, the same old line, ‘to give rights to women’. We never tend to understand that women empowerment is not just about giving rights to women. It is much more than that. Women empowerment is about providing women with the respect they deserve, and have been denied since centuries, it is about providing them with education, equal opportunities, equal pay and many more things which they have only dreamt of till the recent past. Now we are beginning to witness a revolution, women are getting what they deserved and their constant advancement in every field are evidences good enough to proof that, if given an opportunity they can attain great heights and conquer what has never been conquered.
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Women were no more than any other useful household item and their home was the only world for them. Women did not have any identity of their own, before marriage they were known by their father’s name and after marriage by their husband’s name. They were always bound by responsibilities and cruel practices such as Sati. It was considered a grave crime for women to come out of her house, and education was something which they were denied at every stage of their life. In his book ‘Home and the world’ Rabindranath Tagore clearly highlights the status of the lady of a household in the line said by, Sandeepbabu, “This was the lady of the household, usually like a slur in sky, beyond and outsider
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