Importance Of Women Empowerment In India

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Women Empowerment in India Section I: Introduction Women Empowerment is a very broad concept that not only implies gender equality i.e. an equal status to men and women in society but also the ability of women to enjoy their rights, to control and benefit from resources, income, assets etc. and to improve their well being and status in society. The empowerment of women in society is often regarded as a step towards the development of a nation, it promotes not only promotes the well being, rights and abilities of women but also plays a crucial role in determining the capabilities of their children. This in turn helps stimulate economic growth and productivity. There is evidence of positive effects of women’s empowerment from around the world. The World Bank Poverty and Gender Group Report (2012) shows that control of women over resources creates spill over benefits that positively impact the health and education of their children leading to better prospects for our future generations. It is indeed difficult to define women empowerment in one sentence; different scholars give different interpretations of the term. Batliwala (1995) rightly defines women empowerment as “the process, and the outcome of the process, by which women gain greater control over material and intellectual resources, and challenge the ideology of patriarchy and the gender based discrimination against women in all the institutions and structures of society” while Kabeer (2005) views the empowerment

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