Importance Of Women Empowerment

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Over the years women have been deprived of education, food, independence etc. But the past three decades have noticed a steadily increasing awareness of the need to empower women through measures to increase social, economic and political equity, and broader access to fundamental human rights, improvements in nutrition, basic health and education. Women empowerment is the ability to exercise control over one’s actions. Women all over the world have proved that not only can they match men but they can also excel men. The principle of women empowerment has also been enshrined in the Constitution of India. The Constitution not only grants equality to women, but also empowers the State to adopt measures of positive discrimination in favor of women. Men and women are like two wheels of the same vehicle. In order to move forward both wheels have to be perfectly balanced. Women empowerment is very essential for the prosperity of the nation. Of the 1.3 billion people across the globe almost 50% are women. A majority of these women face not just poverty, but also denial of rights. They are denied most basic necessities and opportunities. Without caring for almost half the population we still hope to achieve growth. In many societies around the world women never belong wholly to themselves. Their health, security is beyond their control. The year 2001 was declared as the Women’s Empowerment Year, to focus on the mission of making women equal to men. It was to empower women to
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