Importance Of Women Entrepreneurs

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Women entrepreneurs in India
• Introduction:
Women entrepreneur is a person who accepts challenging roles to meet her personal needs and become economically independent. They are capable of contributing values to both family and social life. But, a part of women in some parts of the country still do not know their power. They don't know that they can break the domination over men and move on, walk on and fight for their freedom.
Even though the women entrepreneurship and the formation of female business networks are steadily rising, there are a number of obstacles and challenges that they face in their daily life. One major challenge that many women entrepreneurs in India may face is the traditional gender roles society may still
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So many famous women entrepreneurs came up in India like Indra Nooyi, CEO Pepsi co., Kiran Muzamdar Shaw, CEO Biocon, Chanda Kochar, CEO ICICI Bank, Ekta Kapoor, Head of Balaji telefilms, and many more.
In India, 50% women entrepreneurs preferred to work in service sector which is followed by 29% women in E-Commerce.
• Theme 1:- Need and importance of women entrepreneurs:
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The participation of women entrepreneurs in economic activities is not only important from the human resource point of view but it’s also essential from the objective of raising the status of women in the society. And it’s imperative to note that the involvements of the women in economic activities are as self-employed
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• Theme 3:- Problems faced by women entrepreneurs in India:
Indian women entrepreneurs face the following challenges in setting up and running business units:
→Mobility Constraint: The Indian society is a conservative society which restricts the mobility of women entrepreneurs. Women are less mobile than men. The confidence to travel day & night and to different regions and States is lacking in women comparing with men.
→ Less Confidence: Women entrepreneurs in India are not confident about their strength and competence. Their family member’s don’t stand by their entrepreneurial growth.
→Socio-cultural Disturbance: Women have to manage both home and business duties at a time. Such obligations may become a great barrier for some women in succeeding as an entrepreneur.
→Competition from Male Entrepreneurs: Competition from male counterparts develops hurdles to women entrepreneurs in business management process. Women entrepreneurs have to face the constraints of competition form male entrepreneurs due to less organizational skills than

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