Importance Of Women Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is a key for the sustainable growth of the economy and the society. It is necessary to cultivate and infuse the culture of entrepreneurship among the prospective workforce in order to fuel the industrial growth of the nation. While developing the entrepreneurial culture, the necessity for the quality in services and business ethics should also be insisted. Entrepreneurial skills are the rejuvenators of economic development and industrialized economy.
As the gender gap reduces, the women also need to play a significant role in entrepreneurship. Women in developed nations started the entrepreneurial activities far before the women in developing nations. Almost in all the developing countries, several dedicated agencies backed
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Their skills in house hold managing, budgeting and balancing can be applicable to the business context also. Through these activities, the women naturally qualified to become the entrepreneurs. All they need is to have a formal training and practice.
"Limiting women 's economic potential is important for every country. It doesn 't make sense, especially when we are still struggling to grow our way out of the economic disaster." (APEC Women & Economic Forum - 2012). Most of the Women entrepreneurs lack financial literacy and also most of whom working on the informal sectors. If the women entrepreneurs provided with sufficient financial literacy and brought to the main business, then economy will get additional boost.
If the women entrepreneurs equipped with effective network for learning and leveraging the financial resources, then women entrepreneurs can scale to new horizons in terms of type of business and area of business.
1.1.4 Women Entrepreneurship in
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These three types of entrepreneurs differ in education level and the type of businesses they undertook. Most of the entrepreneurs from metros involved in non-agriculture businesses, whereas most of those from villages are involved in agro related businesses.
Women’s role in production process was appreciated as early as in Indus Valley Civilization (3000 B.C), during which the women helped men in spinning and clay modeling and crafts preparation. Between 18th century to early 20th century, the women were restricted in doing entrepreneurial activities due to several social restrictions. After independence of the country and especially from 1960s, considerable changes happened in favor of women

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