Importance Of Women Welfare

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In this 21st century today where the world is running with its huge technological advancements, we still have prevalent problems for women inequality in social, economical, political sphere.. Therefore there is a need of women welfare which will empower women to have their own dignity in society. This is an excerpt which focuses especially in Indian context. Welfare of women can be possible by the very basic and necessary acts of providing them education .then comes the other way of creating awareness of different laws and rights available to them. Awareness can be created by organizing camps in rural areas. And the most prevalent and best way is the internet. Through teaching the way of finding information online a lot of problem can be solved. There are different crimes being committed against women. If a woman has stepped out of her permitted boundaries it is considered to be a sin. There are one half of women which have stepped out by overcoming all the barriers and are doing well in their respective fields but the other half is still in that position restricted , not motivated and let the things go on as it has been according to the old illogical traditional practices. Girls are still considered to be a burden. Most of the time married couple and their family always long for a boy child and if the birth of the girl child takes place they force her to go for abortion and if that is not possible they have to console themselves. Due to this increase in female feticide and
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