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The word wall is built upon the spiral theory of mastery-repetition, reinforces previously learned content, regular use throughout the school years allows you to recycle many words. As McCarrier, Pinnell & Fontas (2000) argue that “a word wall is a systematically organized collection of words displayed in large letters on a wall or other large display place in the classroom. It is a tool to use, not just display”. Word walls are designed to promote group learning and be shared by a classroom of children. This essay will describe about one of the strategies in English Language Teaching. Word wall should be applied in classroom because it is easy to make, can help students in memorize and improve students’ willingness in learning English.
Word wall is easy to make in
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Students can see the words every day and everywhere in classroom. Word wall is already put in classroom and it is possible if students can memorize the words for the reason that everyday students come at the classroom and see the words. Students can use word wall in written work or oral communication in order to memorize it. Whereas in learning process whether speaking, writing or other subjects, students can see the word wall and use the words every day. It is imaginable that the students can remember the words. As Fletcher (1993) said “Words remain the most important tool the writer has to work with”. Whether written or oral, students whose Fletcher described as a writer, has to work with words and of course they do. In here, new vocabulary collection for students is really needed. For students, it is not only something that they need in work, it is a must that students have to memorize it. Word wall is really one of the effective way to make students memorize the words. Hence, word wall is actually help the students in memorizing as often as they see it every day and use them in learning process whether written or
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