Importance Of Work And Education In India

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Work and Education in India
Work and Education in the Indian scenario provides for us to look into what can be in these spheres so that the country’s resources are best utilised. India, a developing nation which is growing towards having more than half of its population in the working age group should focus making the human resources more productive to maintain economic growth and balance. It is the role of Education when structured in bringing out efficiency could help in the work and economy of the nation.

Demographic dividend is which means that the working age population of the nation say 15-64 years is higher than the non working age group of the population. This gives way for economic growth in the nation with more productive members actively taking part in contributing to the nation’s economic growth. The Indian government is focused on developing the individuals of the nation to productive human resources by focusing on Vocational Educational Training to individuals. This is done to not just merely to produce labour to the market but also to increase the standard of living of the members of the nation. The market forces demands skilled labour and training the members into skilled work force is seen as an important feature.
Winch in his work “Vocationalism, training and Economics”, mentions that paid work requires skilling and dedication and this can be achieved through education, because skilling requires some degree of education,
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