Importance Of Work-Life Balance Essay

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Can we really achieve Work-life balance? In many studies, work-life balance is shown as a perfect way to manage work and your life, plus it gives several hundreds of benefits. You may hear, from your teachers say “Work-life balance is necessary for your health, try managing your work-life habit.” From the point of view of the teachers, they want to help you in getting at least a bit healthier in the school life. To reduce stress, you can do many thing and the biggest thing he/she can do is trying to keep balance with your school life and non-school life. In non-school life maybe you can try exercising, maybe party with friends, and etc. But what makes these things hard to obtain is homework, exams, peer pressure, parent pressure and many…show more content…
Desiring something does not necessary means you can realize it. To put it simply, many people in the world want work/life balance even the students are no exception, but none of them is able to truly gain the balance. School of Life, a famous website which helps teens get through school states,“Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life.” This means if you try to achieve balance but have to do some important stuff, this will unbalance your life. Not only you can't achieve balance, even if you achieve balance you won't be as perfect as before. Here's the quote from School of Life which dictates the opinion of choosing to live work-life balance, you “opted for imperfect variety over flawless focus.” This simply means if you were to try and balance everything, you won't be perfect at anything. Think for example robot which can cook and climb the stairs, or the robot which can cook and the robot which can climb the stairs, which of these is the most efficient one. Obviously the robot which can cook only and robot which can climb the stairs only, since they specialize in their speciality making it further efficient. What i mean by this is that work-life imbalance is not necessary bad for you, maybe even
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