Importance Of Work Study

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WORK STUDY Work study is study of work, human work. Work study is the analysis of a job for the purpose to finding preferred method and determine the standard time of using this method. Work study is what work is done and how it is done. The original name of work study are motion study and time study. In fact, work study is motion study plus time study. Motion study now generally known as method study. Time study now generally known as work measurement. Work study use two technique like motion study (method study) and time study (work measurement) to understand human work potential in terms of time to completing a task, looking a way to make the task simpler and easy to complete and to increase productivity and efficiency. Work study also known as used find a way to increase job performance, optimum usage of plant and machinery, standardization of work method. The objective of work study is measuring the performance of mentally and physically of qualified worker, optimum utilization of worker, machinery and other resources at minimum cost, improve productivity and increase efficiency of an organization. Method study can be divided by two that is macro and micro subdivision. Method study is an analysis of ways of doing work. Method study is a scientific process to better the job design and used to improve the method of doing work. Method study also involve the study of any operation or movement lasting longer than about 3 second. Method study is aim to identify the
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