Importance Of Workforce Planning In The Public Sector

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5. Study unit 4: Workforce planning in the public sector
Firstly this pertains across the board in the human resources functions. Hence this study unit has highlighted the significant of workforce planning or HR planning. This general includes the right number (quantitative) of people, the right skills (qualitative), the right place and the right time.
I have also learnt that the basic, functions of HR planning adhere to recruitment & selection, performance management, learning and development, succession management and even retention. The basic process of HR planning adheres to the Analyse present & future workforce needs, the identification of gaps or surpluses within the work space, the developing and implementing of a workforce strategies
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This enables every employee to see where he or she fits within the organisation. This, in turn, enables employees to participate in the overall direction of the department. From a strategic perspective, an effective talent management system helps crucial public official feel as if they are part of something bigger than their current job.
The most intriguing idea that emerged in my review of talent management was the success of implementing talent management. By talking about talented public officials and making their knowledge, skills and potential known to other government managers in different parts of the organisation, the potential use and development of internal talent is magnified for both the organisation and the talented public officials. The value of talent management can be observed in conjunction with the democratic developmental state in South Africa. Sadly most government departments have absent talent management programmes.
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8. Study unit 7: Career Management
In my view career management, is one of the most significant legs in SHRM. The main purpose of career management is to sum up the organisational goals in collaboration with employee goals.
I have come to an understanding that, successful career management is accomplished through regular habits of building relationships, engaging in career development conversations and also updating your career development plan. Being proficient at career management also means possessing basic skills related to job searching and managing changes in a resilient manner/public manager.
However this study unit mainly outlined the aspects of career choices theory:
 Super’s Process Theory
 Holland’s Theory
8.1. Citation
South Africa. 2011. Guide on the practice of career management in the public service: Final draft career management guide for

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