Importance Of Working Environment In The Workplace

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A positive working environment is really important in order to raise the morale of the workers. Workers with high morale can perform more effectively, making the best out of their knowledge, skills and energy in order to provide a high quality work. Moreover, a positive working environment helps to reduce tension and work stress. A tension and stress workers cannot perform their best and will only result in poor quality work, besides, tension and stress also contagious, thus affecting other coworkers and ultimately resulting in a poor working performance and results.
Working environment is one of the essential human requirements that enable people to perform their work effectively under defined conditions Roelofsen (2002). According to Gay and Haynes, (n,d) in order for an organization to compete with one and another in global level in today’s world, they must attract, compete and retain the best of human capital. To achieve that goal, Gay and Haynes accentuate that the organization must pay attention to the occupiers preference.
Plenty of studies suggested the relationship between work environment and work turnover for examples, Zeytinoglu and Denton, (2005) (as cited in Sohaib, Noor, Trimzi & Bashir, 2009) highlighted the importance of work environment and stated that it is one of the factors that affect employee’s decision to stay with the organization. Furthermore, Milory, (2004) (as cited in Sohaib, Noor, Trimzi & Bashir, 2009) studies shows that people attracted to

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