Importance Of Working In Social Life

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According to Heymann, the new global economy treats workers like objects, without any concern about their personal life. With the developments occurring, people are treated like things and thus do not have the ability to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, their main concern everyday is how to go to work and come back home. Making money, especially now that the country is developing, is essential, but not to an extent that it deprives you of a social life and small happiness of everyday life. The well-being of workers is promoted by a good work-life. It can also contribute to achieving major policy goals like stimulating employment, promoting child and youth development and encouraging gender equality. Both work and family life are important in our daily life. In trying to balance various and complex work and family roles, it becomes stressful for many of us. This occurs when the responsibilities…show more content…
Those employees, who were able to benefit from above mentioned schemes felt more in control of their time and lives, and thus felt more loyal and more motivated to perform on the job. Reconciliation measures are key to any wider policy to tackle and prevent poverty and social exclusion. After every child, mothers use to work less. This has serious implications for their pensions, and the family income. Especially in the most vulnerable families, such as migrant families, single parent families, families with care responsibilities for an elderly or disabled family member, the risk of poverty and social exclusion is very high if one or both of the parents are excluded from the labour
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