Importance Of Working With Children

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Due to the different development of child’s difficulties, the role of the psychologists in their daily work with children involves very different approaches and ways of working with children and their parents. Working with preschool children a psychologist has a responsible task primarily in support, observation, evaluation and identification of early childhood development and early intervention, and takes appropriate measures in line with individual needs, interests and abilities of a child. In time we are working on establishing a relationship of trust and gain knowledge of the specific characteristics and needs of the child, and also increase the quality of the collaboration between teachers, professionals and parents. The psychologist should…show more content…
This is the reason of importance why psychologist and parents should work together. Parents of children with disabilities often face many uncertainties, which are often used inappropriately parental access. Therefore it is important to educate and consult parents how to develop their parental competencies and maintain psychological health. Frequent feelings with which parents are coming, and which are not always aware of the anxiety, fear, guilt and depression, hence the reactive behavior such as excessive protection or denial of problems. It is necessary for parents to become aware of their position and accept a child with a major contribution to the physical and mental development of the child. The consultation is an unavoidable task of psychologists and sensitizes parents to the needs of their own child, providing support and permission, in order to cope with the demands of a child placed before them. Working with parents is an important incentive to observe their situation from a perspective that will be constructive for the functioning of the entire family. With their parents working through individual counseling, as well as through group workshops, depending on the needs of parents as well as the nature of the problem with which comes a psychologist (Johnson, Christie, Wardle,…show more content…
So what can we do? The cognitive and family therapy is very effective in the treatment of various disorders in children and adolescents. Therapeutic training is a winning combination, offers the possibility to adopt the techniques of individual work with the child, taking into account the family context and intervention in the family. Cognitive and family therapy is for psychologists, psychiatrists, teachers, special education teachers, social workers and professionals working with children and adolescents. Benefits of cognitive and family therapy are adoption of effective therapeutic interventions to work with the whole family, elimination of emotional blockages in children and parents (anger, anxiety, and depression). (Kolko, D. J.

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