Working Women

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Working women face many obstacles throughout their journey: work harassment, gender discrimination and at times may not be allowed to work. This, however affects the economy for more than a quarter of our population is not able to work, therefore female participation should be encouraged more. Female participation in the work force of Pakistan is only 28% whereas in countries such as Vietnam it is 77%, however the percentage may not be as low as it seems. Many women work in such places which do not pay in cheques or online but pay mostly in cash, thus their participation does not get reported for their payment does not get noticed by the government’s account.In Jordanian culture women are frowned upon for working in their young age or any age…show more content…
Other sources reveal that female wages suffer significantly compared to male wages regardless of the same quality of productivity. Although Pakistan is a Muslim country, they get suspicious of a hijabi woman’s productivity, often times these women may be rejected or otherwise may be a victim to social awkwardness at the workplace. Furthermore they abuse the rights of women by denying them the education or job they deserve and do not respect them as much as they respect men in the workplace. On a daily basis Pakistani women are a victim to workplace harassment in fact Thomson Reuters foundation expert poll revealed Pakistan as the 3rd most dangerous country for women to reside in. Many of these incidents are not reported due to lack of accessibility and fear of embarrassment, but those who do face even more obstacles. Out of 48.63% of the total population of women, most live in rural areas decreasing the percentage of women working due to lack of education. As a developing country, Pakistan’s economy is generally low. This problem can be solved if we start giving women the attention and respect they
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