Importance Of Working Women

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Significance related to the challenges and problems faced by middle aged working women from IT industry in senior positions is drawn from the analysis of responses. Professional women of the said category feel isolated and burdened by the simultaneous demands of their new aspirations on one side and the traditional way of life on the other. Women are discriminated against in all walks of life, by the time they would have crossed their prime time of their life in their twenties and thirties they would have face multiple challenges Women are subjugated, dominated and exploited both at work places and home. Women are generally unable to give proper and quality time to households, kids and family or be it for themselves. Working women generally face workplace sexual harassment, mental pressure, and safety issues and many a times would not like to highlight, disclose or discuss with others. There could be many reasons like fear of false victimization, fear of losing the job, not wanting to come to the limelight and draw attention of people around or as a social stigma etc.,
Not only males but many a times even Females are also highly judgmental about other female colleagues and try subdue another at any given opportunity. Middle aged Women face problems of leaving kids at home and going to office early in the morning and coming late in the evenings or night. Child rearing problems are always faced by working women that too in today’s
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