Importance Of Workplace Etiquette In The Workplace

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WORKPLACE ETIQUETTE Workplace etiquette, although common place, is not common knowledge. We live in a world where impressions and perceptions matter almost as much as our abilities. Given today’s casual and modern workplaces, it becomes important for us to understand what is appropriate and what may be considered as inappropriate. Here are some tips that I have learnt along the way: - Making positive / good impressions: It’s your first day at work or you’re going to meet an important client… It is important to make a good first impression. As has been repeated a million times over, the first impression is the last impression. Dressing well need not be uncomfortable…on the contrary, when you’re uncomfortable, everybody knows. Always choose something that you’re going to be comfortable with. It could be as simple as a white shirt with black pants. Dressing well will give you that little nudge of confidence that you may need to get through the day. Chewing gum (or anything else for that matter), is also a NO NO! Be on time or early, if possible. Politeness and good manners are highly appreciated. Your first impression on your co-workers or clients may determine how they see you for possibly the years to come. - People: Treating people the way you like being treated is of utmost importance. Very often, with the amount of stress and urgency that we are generally under, we fail to notice if we are being inconsiderate towards others. Small things like remembering your co-worker’s

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