Importance Of Workplace Learning

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has understood or applied what is taught in the program. This also does not take the major contributor to workplace learning “informal learning” into consideration at all. It is very important to evaluate the impact of workplace learning on performance at the individual level and organisational level. It is in this context various other theories have emerged which looked at this seriously from different perspectives such as psychological, economical, emotional and managerial. They also look at the issue from a behavioural as well as cognitive perspective. Importance of measuring informal workplace learning According to Alastair Rylatt (2001), workplace learning needs to be organised and interactive. If workplace learning is not planned properly,…show more content…
It is very flexible and much faster than formal workplace learning. It helps the individuals to learn and communicate matters which cannot be done through official channel. Employees attitudes, reactions, way of doing work etc. to the plans and policies can be easily ascertained by managers through informal contacts and interactions. Special efforts and expenses are not necessary to informal measure workplace learning. It serves to fill the gaps, if any, in flow of information through official chain of authority. It links even those people who do not strictly come under official chain of command. It reduces tension in employer- employee relations and provides emotional relief to employees. However, there are some disadvantages to this like informal learning tends to carry inaccurate and distorted information. It is because the fact that person with varying outlook passes on the same message with diverse interpretations breeding rumours. Since it has no definite origin and direction, nobody can be held responsible for their work. It is very unsystematic and cannot be relied upon. Confidential information often leaks out through informal communication. Since the techniques to measure need not be always true, reliable and accurate, it may create many harmful…show more content…
Excessive workload, irrational deadlines, distance to the workplace, temperature, lack of direction, new technology etc. can increase the stress level and affect the motivation level which in turn can affect the learning process. Lack of proper job description, bad relationship with superiors, subordinates and peers can also affect the morale of an employee. Job security is another very serious issue in many countries in the Middle East where trade unions are banned and the employer can terminate an employee with very short notice. All employment contracts show a one to three months’ notice period for termination of service. As several organisations are owned by local businessmen, and as they need not give an explanation for termination of an employment contract, the employees have no job security in such markets. Trade unions are banned as per Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 Regulating Labour Relations as amended by Federal Laws No. 24 of 1981, No.15 of 1985 and No.12 of 1986- UAE Labour Law Introduction (1).The frustrated workers in such situations will not be in a state of mind to contribute anything more than what is expected from them. Recruitment of new employees at a higher salary than those who have been working with a company for years is a common phenomenon in many organisations. In situations like these the experienced employees will be totally demoralized

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