Essay On Workplace Safety

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1.0 Executive Summary Safety & prevention of accidents at work place is a major concern for Human Resource Managers. According to a report published by National Centre for Biotechnology Information, globally 2 million people die due to work related illnesses while 0.3 million die due to occupational injuries. In India, 62 % of concerns related to health are due to stress at work. However true numbers are underestimated by these figures.. Many injuries & accidents go unreported. Occupational illnesses include acute & chronic illnesses caused by inhalation, ingestion or direct contact with toxic substances or harmful agents. Technology is one of the reasons for health concerns for workers. Workplace safety & health are an important concern not only for manufacturing & construction sites but also for offices. Computers have contributed to Sick Building Syndrome. New computers emit chemical fumes which are harmful for humans. Also, chemicals present in carpet glue & printer cartridges can cause headache, dizziness, nausea & respiratory problems. Other such causes are poor air circulation & ventilation, improper lighting, bacteria from toilet etc. When these symptoms go unnoticed & remain untreated it may lead to prolonged illness. Also, usage of defective equipment at office & uncomfortable positioning of desks may lead to…show more content…
A safety programme can be designed as shown in Figure 5. Management has to make decisions based on strategic choices like level of protection, type of safety programme & tools to be used while designing a safety programme. A safety policy is developed to declare the company’s intent on safety of employees. Companies can create organisations or committees consisting of employees. After the safety programme is implemented the effectiveness of the programme is evaluated so that strategies can be again changed to ensure maximum safety at
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