Importance Of Written Communication

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People use different methods to communicate. Effective communication involves reading, writing and speaking altogether. Verbal and written communication plays a key role in the process of information exchange. Any form of communication that works the same way and has similar importance. Speaking falls under verbal communication. Written communication is in nonverbal communication. People can communicate effectively through written communication, as well as in word.
Why is it important?
Written words are more credible than the spoken words. They are more valuable every time the letter. Validity of spoken words only when they say unless they have been registered. Develop high-level credibility if people can create messages written in a clear, precise and easily.
Written communication is essential to maintain effective communication process. Here are some factors that show the importance of the method.
It helps inform. People need this method to provide information and facilitate understanding. People use the written many decisions in their life cycles everyday information. Examples; People buy products based on their review written specification. People decide our lunch or dinner while reading the hotel menu. Written information comes through various sources such as newspapers, magazines, books and the Internet.
It brings clarity. Any method of communication can be confusing. By comparing the written communication and verbal communication, written content provide more clarity
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