Importance Of Written Work At School

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Teachers ' Assessment of Written Work at School

Writing is a necessary skill when learning a second language as it is a highly valuable tool for communication, learning and self-expression. Apart from that, it may be fundamental for engaging in professional and social activities. People who have competent writing skills may be at an advantage to comply with the demands from present-day society and achieve accessing to better education or valuable jobs. As the school functions as a bridge between children life and adult life, it may be recommendable that students develop strong writing skills at this stage. However, this skill might be considered the most complex to acquire and teachers play a key role in guiding students through this process. Effective writing instructions, ways of assessing and feedback may be of paramount importance. This research paper purports to expose the diverse methods instructors may employ to assess students’ written work and explore whether one is more effective than others.

Why is assessment important? Many teachers may consider assessment convenient for the sake of record- keeping of the students’ accomplishments, gained skills and grades. Nonetheless, assessment may also provide a framework in which teachers check whether the educational goals are being met and yield a basis for planning the following steps in response to children’s needs. Two main concepts associated with assessment tend to be contrasted: assessment for learning and

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