Zappos Case Study: Organizational Culture

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The present study deals with the aspect of culture in an organization alike Zappos; operates principally and solely in the ecommerce trend of making business. As mentioned in the case study, culture is one of the main concerns of the flourishing organization that in turn had been maintained within the business process of Zappos.
Along with this inter-organisational culture had ‘became the mantra’ in Zappos, the process of integral success had merged into creating happiness in and within the brand; in and within the company, service, creating and hiring the cultural fit.
Brief History of Zappos:
The brand Zappos was fortuitously founded in 1999 by Nick Swinmurn who actually was in search of a pair of right size of shoes. However,
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As customers are well aware about the optimisation facility available, assuming targeted customers will automatically visit the website- is not a possible one. However, communication both wards plays as a definite.
Importance of Culture in Building an Ecommerce Brand:
As discussed in the earlier sections of the study, culture played an important in the development of Zappos, the shoe retailer operating its business by only through ecommerce. The importance of culture is multifaceted for an organisation. Culture is often termed as the ‘basic underlying fact’ that makes the organisation set a shared vision and mission that is to be maintained by all the internal and external stakeholders of the company.
However, for any retailer organisation present n the market, setting a culture is easy as customers connect physically and personally. For an ecommerce brand, it is quite a job that requires exercising. Ecommerce brands like Zappos can be facilitated with the aspect of culture by setting a vision that is expressed in all the actions and activities of the brand. Similarly as Zappos, a culture strengthens the brand in performing- and performances creates a strong customer base, a strong commercial market and certifies the continued
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Firstly, a culture bonds the stakeholders that in turn increases the performances as a whole, secondly, in the age of digital market, ecommerce brands like Zappos and their culture facilitates in promoting the brand significantly. Zappos being a fashion retailing site is strongly dependent upon the recent technologies that uses internet as the core process of business. So, the culture withheld within and outside serves the shared vision of WOW culture making internal and external stakeholders happy, both way relationship and communication and an open minded

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