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Imagine that you and your family are at the zoo. Then, as you are walking from exhibit to exhibit, you don’t see any animals. Your family keeps walking and then you see some animals pacing in their exhibit. Everyone is wondering what is happening. Later in your visit you see everyone running away from the gorillas, then you see it. The zoo employees were killing a gorilla, but it wasn’t sick or hurting anyone else. Your family decides to leave, but in the car no one knows what to say about their zoo experience. Everyone has the same questions in their head, why did they kill the innocent gorilla? And why do people take animals out of their habitats if they are going to get treated like that? Zoos and aquariums have been around since before…show more content…
“Americans have been keeping wild animals in captivity for almost 150 years.”(Baker) The animals that are held in captivity aren’t living the life that they should be living. When animals are in captivity, they get stressed. That causes them to pace around their exhibit at the zoo. When these animals are not acting the way they would if they were in their natural habitat, they often try to hide and make it so the people who come to zoos cannot see them. The people on the other side might say that all around the world animal species and homes are being destroyed and are disappearing & zoos and aquariums are the only places for these animals to go. But that is not true, people could change the way that they live to make it so the animals don’t get held in captivity. If the humans were more mindful of the life around us, then these poor animals would not be treated the way that they are treated. Have you ever heard the saying “treat others the way you want to be treated?” Well, that applies to animals too. You would never want to be held in captivity for the rest of your life, would

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